Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla trekking is one of the most thrilling adventures in the world. This authentic experience is done in selected countries in Africa. The three most popular destinations where gorilla trekking is done are

  • Uganda,
  • Rwanda
  • the Democratic Republic of Congo

Visiting these primates in the wild is also one of the most fantastic adventure wildlife encounter on this planet earth. The Kwita Nzina is also the naming ceremony of the mountain gorillas which is carried out in Rwanda and this attracts many tourists and has brought high revenues to the country of Rwanda. The mountain gorillas are also endangered species that makes life adventures of seeing these primates in their natural habitats so ordinary and so beautiful.

Mountain Gorilla Trekking

These primates are over 900 individuals and are the remaining in the world according to national geographic, the exact number of these gorillas that are remaining with in the rain forests is 700. The world Wildlife Fund also estimates that the exact number of these gorillas that are remaining is also 880 individuals and the opportunity of tracking them in these rain forests is also a once life time adventure and one of the greatest wildlife adventures in Africa.

The best places also known for gorilla trekking safaris in Africa are the three countries that offer this particular trek in Africa and these include; DRC, Uganda and Rwanda. All these countries are found in Africa and these are found in the dense rain forests and are all in central Africa. These are also forested mountainous areas that are occupied by the African mountain gorillas. The national parks were the tracking takes place also include; Bwindi impenetrable National park, Volcanoes National park and Virunga National park.

Bwindi forest has got 13 gorilla groups and it’s also located in southern Uganda and Mgahinga National park that has 1 gorilla family. These gorilla familes are also found in Bwindi and these include; Habinyanja, Mubare, Rushegura, Nshogi, Busingye, Mishaya, Kahungwe, Bweza, Nkuringo, Buitukura, Kyaguriro and Oruzogo. Mgahinga National park has also got one gorilla family that is called the Nyakagezi and this group also moves between Rwandaand Uganda and in last two past years, this group has been staying in Uganda and it has gorillas including the silverbacks.

Bwindi impenetrable National park is also known to be UNESCO World site and it’s here in south western Uganda that has half of the gorilla population that totals to 440 that is also half of the remaining mountain gorillas in the world. This national park also covers an area of 33km of the thick montane and lowland rain forests.

Mgahinga National park is also situated in the Far East in western part of Uganda and it also borders Rwanda’s just near Volcanoes National park and the Democratic Republic of Congo near the Virunga National park. This is also a known gorilla territory that falls in Virunga Volcanoes region and also distances three main central African countries. The park is also the smallest park and is also about 34km forming part of the bigger virunga conservation Area that is also 434km of the bigger volcanic mountains. The national park is also home to one gorilla family that moves between Uganda and Rwanda and it’s also hard to be trekked by the tourists.

In Uganda, these national parks are also well managed by Uganda Wildlife Authority and it takes over 12 hours to drive to both of these national parks. This drive also gives the guests the real picture of what a rural area looks like and goes through the most beautiful scenery that is so eccentric to the eyes of the viewer. There is also an attractive way of arriving these two parks, by taking a domestic flight from Entebbe Airport by Aero Link to Kayonza Airstrip which is near Bwindi and the tourists can be driven for a short  while so that to be able to access the park.

Eastern Lowland Gorilla Trekking

Eastern lowland gorillas are found in the Eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo. These are found in two national parks; Maiko National Park and Kahuzi Biega National Park.

Western Lowland Gorilla Trekking

Western lowland gorillas are spread in six countries in Africa; Gabon, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Angola