African Bonanza At Bangui


African pleasures are something that every tourist would surely not want to miss. Amongst the many exciting travails and adventurous sights that beckon an interested traveler here, the simple sights of the surrounding ambiance relax your tired nerves completely. Thus a visit to Africa is certainly laden with a lot of excitement and filled with a lot of travel luxury. Visit the central part of Africa and experience the pleasures of being in a dreamland of delightful sights. Visit Bangui here and come back with a cherishable travel kitty.

The capital of the Central African Republic, Bangui is situated on the banks of the River Ubangi on the northern side. There are a series of swift-flowing zones that actually restrict the shipping here yet the river Ubangi is so navigable that it allows itself to turn towards Bangui and connects it to the River Congo which lies just to the south of the Equator somewhere near Brazzaville. This is the main tributary of the majestic River Ubangi. Somewhere in the geographical landscape, the entire region is divided into a border zone between the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic. Here is where you also find Zongo the town which is found opposite the River Bangui.

Located to the north of the equator the Central African Republic is continuously under a lot of hot conditions. Here the temperature is never below 30 degrees Celcius. Normally rain falls here in the months of May and October. Bangui lies in the southern part of the country and thus is also nearest to the equatorial zone. This is a little hotter and also a little wetter than the northern part of the country.

One can reach Bangui from across the world. So tourists come from Ireland, UK and so it has the facilities of airlines like Afriquiyah Airways, Air France, KLM, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, TAAG Angola Airlines and also the Royal Air Maroc. the international airport of Bangui M’Poko is the main airport here in Bangui. Situated around seven miles from the northwest of Bangui, this is a place that has served more than 50,000 passengers. So with the right kind of flight facilities to Tripoli, Douala, Brazzaville, Paris, N’Djamena, and Cotonou, Bangui is sure to give a pleasure that is so much a part of this place.

If one wishes to come to Bangui then he should ensure that he has got the visa which is needed for all the travelers to Europe and these should be had before they land at Bangui. There are other modes of transport and so you can find travelers coming by bus, train, boar, car, and taxi here. The tourists are sure to get enthralled by the sights that greet him when he reaches this place.

There are many places to see here around Bangui and it is a very interesting experience to be in this part of the world. So visit the Musee De Boganda, the Bangui Wind Mills, the Marche Central, and the Place de la Republique and experience the pleasures of being in a great paradise.

The Musee de Boganda is a lovely place which is on Ave de la France and has a mind-blowing collection of some of the best musical instruments. the museum has ancient artifacts, pygmy tools, and the old coins from the main attraction here. the earlier palace of Bokassa is around 9 km from this place and is found at Kolongo. Normally a tourist finds this magnificent structure on his way to M’Bad’ki. It is said that this place was robbed of all the valuable stuff here and there is a guided tour that takes the tourists past the lion cages and some other intriguing relics of those times.

Also, go to the Boali waterfalls which give you the best watery paradise and is a must experience in this part of the world. The waterfall is also called the Chutes de Boali. The sight of the running water is what makes trips here greatly enchanting. The entire water is controlled by the dam here which is built on Chinese constructional designs. Some of the water is normally released specially for the travellers coming here. The waterfalls here are around 99 km to the northwest of the Bangui region.

With such lovely sights to see and many more to behold, tours to Bangui are sure to enthrall a tourist completely.


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