Basic Guide & Insider Tips to Renting a Car in Uganda


Uganda is a land locked country located in the eastern region of Africa  boarded by five African countries; South Sudan in the North, Kenya in the East, Tanzania in the  South, Rwanda in the  south West and Democratic Republic  of Congo in the West.  Small but attractive  to many people especially the travelers who love adventure .Adventuring through the  pearl of Africa is an amazing experience to explore the hidden treasures of this beautiful land on earth. Discover deep into the interior heights of Uganda on a full self drive service with a complete 4×4-budget car that will maneuver through the hilly areas and slippery roads of Uganda.

Below are the basic tips to travel across Uganda;

Hiring a car in Uganda

Uganda is not that considerably small country that one wakes up and moves in one day. On your arrival at the airport, the best option to reach your preferred destination is to use a rental car  in Uganda  to accomplish your mission of touring the pearl of Africa. Renting a car in Uganda begins with booking a car in advance from your home country. This helps you not to hassle on your arrival at the airport in search for means of transport; On request and always a free service, the rental company agency will be ready at the airport to take you to their offices or your preferred destination. Immediately from the airport, the car rental agent may decide to handover the car keys from the airport or take you to the offices for further clarification.Once you have agreed the terms and conditions set for hiring the car in Uganda, you are set to sign and present all the necessary documents required for by the rental car companies in Uganda. Car rental companies in Uganda have a wide range of fleet that you may choose and get the best car for your travel. Among the cars that are available at the car rental offices include the Toyota Rav4, Toyota Land Cruisers and other safari cars are available. Besides handing over the car keys, inspection of the car is yet another necessary part that you have to take care of. The car should be good conditions ready to be used in the low lands and high lands of Uganda.

Self drive through Uganda

Experience your travel behind the wheels of your own car you hire in Uganda and be a master on Ugandan roads, which are well maintained to the east African standards though with experiencing little pot holes like any other African country. Let your travel to Uganda be awesome by self driving yourself and not to blame the travel guide. On a self drive in Uganda, you have all the opportunities of touring Uganda by yourself. You get in touch with the local people; know a little translation of the local languages through constant interactions. You stop at you own and make shopping to different shopping centers like the local markets, supermarkets. Indeed a self drive to Uganda is all about yourself, deciding by yourself and you can change your travel destination hence being flexible.


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