8 Biggest Travel Mistakes to Avoid During African Safaris


No one will and can be a perfect traveler regardless of how well you prepare, but everyone’s dream is to have a memorable safari experience. There are some common mistakes that travelers repeatedly make which in the end leads to horrible and painful experiences but that wont be the case with you because this article provides some of the travel mistakes to avoid during African safaris. Larry of East African Expeditions , one of the tour operators offering safaris in Uganda and Rwanda shares with us some of the mistakes to avoid during your holiday. These include;

  1. Over packing

Over packing is the number one mistake that most travelers undertaking African safaris always make. Some travelers feel like picking everything from the wardrobe, which is totally wrong. As for African safaris, packing depends on the activity to be engaged in and the number of days. For wildlife safaris (maximum of three days), which are the main reasons for travelling to the Continent, one needs just two or three long trousers, two to three short sleeved shirts, shoes, long socks, sweater, toiletries  (especially toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion and sanitary towels), backpack, rain jacket and under wear for the three days.

2. Withdrawing cash using credit cards

Withdrawing cash with credit cards is always expensive because most credit card companies or even Banks charge high commission fees for using it (especially for foreign currencies) than it is with the ATMs.

3. Obsessive photography

There are some areas you will reach in Africa that totally forbid taking photographs and you will always see the signs. However, taking too many photographs can fill up your camera memory hence might end up missing the most beautiful moments of the safari. You might fill up your phone or camera memory with plates of food, pictures of sunset and old buildings, and by the time you get to the National Parks with beautiful attractions such as the landscapes and wildlife, you will have no space hence end up deleting them. The golden rule here is to save enough space for the best moments.

4. Not changing money at the Airport

As soon as you arrive at the Airport, make sure to covert foreign to local currency because you will need it to pay for transport (taxis or cab rides), for purchases in local markets, pay for emergencies as well as accommodation since some hotels in Africa still charge in local currencies and don’t accept credit cards.  Additionally, ATMS offer better exchange rates although you can also use credit cards.

5. Not tasting some of the mouth-watering street foods

Most tourists fear tasting some of the street foods due to the fear of developing stomach pains and yet tasting the local cuisines is one of the most unforgettable moments you will cherish about a visited destination.

6. Not keeping your luggage and valuables safe

Theft is the one behavior that is common in most destinations you will visit during African safaris and thus the last stressing thing you will want to deal with. Therefore, tourists are cautioned against displaying valuables in public places because that makes you a target to theft.

7. Not purchasing a full insurance policy

Most tourists make this mistake and yet travel insurance helps to cover for the cancellation fees and unplanned medical expenses (especially if your health insurance doesn’t cover for eventualities outside your country) during your African safari

8. Forgetting to check visa requirements prior to travelling

If you don’t check your visa requirements, you will waste a lot of time at checkpoints on arrival to your destination. Therefore, travelers are advised to check with immigration websites of countries they are traveling to so as to avoid being disappointed at the last minute.

Other mistakes you should avoid during Uganda safaris include over relying on guidebooks, not booking enough time between connecting flights and thinking you know the ideal time to book a ticket, putting activities of one destination into one trip, not bargaining for products, not printing out and keeping track of your reservation details and purchasing cheap things.


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