Climbing the Rwenzoris – Glaciers and Snow at the Equator

Rwenzori Mountains

Looking for a unique adventure on the African continent and still wondering where to go? The Pearl of Africa – Uganda has got you covered with amazing and adventurous destinations that will make your travel one of the best memorable in your lifetime. Among the destinations in the country that must catch your eyes and thoughts include the world’s longest river – River Nile and the third Africa’s highest mountain – Rwenzori.

In this combined trip, you will hike up to the summit of the Rwenzori Mountains for about 6 to 9 days where you will enjoy the beautiful view and several features like waterfalls, lakes, rivers, rocks and the rare vegetation zone of the mountains. Protected by Rwenzori mountains national park, the mountains stand as the first highest mountain in Uganda and the third highest African mountain after Kilimanjaro of Tanzania and Mount Kenya. Rwenzori Mountains are a range of mountains located in the eastern equatorial Africa on the border between Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. The highest peak of the mountains – Margherita on Mount Stanley, one of the 6 massifs of the mountain reaches a height of approximately 5,109 meters and it’s known for being permanently snow-capped and glaciated. For one to reach to this highest summit he/she has to climb through different massifs and among these includes; Mount Speke at 4,890 meters, Mount Baker at 4,843 meters, Mount Emin at 4,798 meters, Mount Gessi at 4,715 meters and Mount Luigi di Savoia at 4,627 meters.

For a perfect and safe hike to the mountain summit, there are two routes to use including Kilembe route which is governed by the private organization and the Central Circuit Route which is governed by the locals. All these routes can perfectly help you reach to Margherita though with different features on the way and at different costs.


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