The Indian Ocean off the Mozambican coastline is rich in wildlife and diversity and some of the most wonderful Robinson Crusoe-esque properties glitter in the seas like pearls. In the far south you can access Ponta Mamoli from the bustling capital, Maputo, where a short flight or helicopter ride sees you dipping your toes in lagoons surrounded by rich mangroves and an elephant reserve. From Vilanculos you glide across aquamarine seas to Benguerra Islands and yet more magnificent barefoot luxury and palm lined beaches… and in the far north Vamizi Island leads the way in the ultimate ‘castaway chic’, surrounded by world-class diving, tropical atolls, turquoise waters and absolutely nothing else. Perfection!

While not renowned for its wildlife there are some huge swathes of wilderness that remain relatively unexplored throughout this nation and those looking for a pioneering safari experience in lands wild and untamed need look no further than the Niassa Reserve or Gorongosa National Park.

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Major Wildlife Areas/Areas of Interest

Quirimas National Park, Isle de Mocambique, Vilanculos, Gorongosa National Park.

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African Honeymoons, Water sports, African Adventurers, Pure Luxury Safaris, Secret Safaris.

TripAfrica Suggests

There is more to this wonderful country than just swathes of stunning beaches and Indian Ocean islands… though these never disappoint! We suggest exploring inland, at Niassa or Gorongosa reserves, for a truly wild safari experience.