DR Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the less known destinations in Africa. This country is blessed with a lot of treasures.

Congo has ever had bad history of insecurity which no more today in most visited National parks and attractions. Talking about Congo safaris was something rare unlike today when many visit the country for gorilla tourism. Am one of the tourists who had a positive mind and headed out to Congo for double trekking gorilla safari to both Virunga National Park and Kahuzi Biega National Park.I would positively recommend Democratic Republic of Congo to anyone planning a trip to see mountain and low land gorillas or hike the outstanding volcanoes of Nyiragongo.

My trip organizer kept on sending me updates about the country and ensured me of safety until the day my trip started. She said “You will be safe all through” and I believed her being on ground every day. However, after getting to Rwanda, I decided to take a personal walk around the town and bought drinking water from a local shop. While standing at the shop waiting for change, had to ask the shop attendant about the recent updates of Congo that he may have heard about and he replied saying, it’s a very safe and many tourists go there for tour holidays. I had not cleared my 70% trip balance and was waiting for any last minute information so that I may cancel my trip. But there after after I had to request for online payment details for my tour expert and made a transaction there and then.

Where to fly to for Congo Safari tours

It’s very good to fly in Rwanda to Kigali international airport and then later get transferred to Gisenyi a town in Rwanda that has famed to the world because of the relaxing leisure beaches and Islands of Lake Kivu. Overnight at one of the lodges there is very convenient to connect to Congo and enjoy all tour activities on your Congo safari tour program. The first day of the trip starts with breakfast at your lodge, followed by the transfer to Virunga national park a place to track mountain gorillas with an overnight stay at a lodge of your choice. Next day hike Nyiragongo volcanoes a tow days trip ascending for some rest for the day before connecting to Kauzi Biega National Park by boat. After tracking low land gorillas, transfer to Rwanda for an overnight stay and fly out still via Kigali international airport back home.

Congo Tourists Visa

Every foreign visitor to Congo must have a tourist visa that goes for $100 valid for a period of 90 days. Apply for this Visa before arrival to avoid inconveniences when you ready to head out for a trip. All the supportive visa documents can be got from your tour expert especially the trip program that is clearly stated in the invitation letter. Always be ready and avoid last minute things when it comes to travel in Africa or any foreign land.

Transport to Congo

It’s easy to connect to Congo from Rwanda by road, thanks to the tour experts who make it all just happen without you worrying about anything. Things are very easy when you book a private safari tour, however wouldn’t recommend someone backpack because it’s something a never did experience is the best teacher. As a tourist your job is to get ready at a right time and head out as planned with your tour agent driver guide to the park and all places included in the trip itinerary. Nothing prepared me for the trip like my trip organizers perhaps they were too helpful and wonderful.

To add on the above, Congo needs more tourists to explore the many untouched treasures and the country has got new service providers especially in the hotel sector to support the market demand of tourists each day. Be one of the lucky few to explore the beautiful country in Africa.