Gorilla Trek & Nyiragongo Hike in Congo


Congo is among the best places to visit due to the unique features associated with its landscape and the wildlife, the country is one of the central African countries where one can track both the mountain gorillas and the lowland gorillas. The country can be accessed through Goma on the borders of Rwanda and Congo and this is the shortest distance to the Virunga Mountains National Park.

The park is fully parked with all the natural beauty ranging from the scenery and the beautiful environment, gorilla tracking in Congo is done from Virunga national park which is the first national park to be gazetted as Albert national park in Africa, the country has got eight Gorilla groups that are tracked from the different trails. Gorilla permits in Congo are at the cheapest price compared to other countries for which they share the same unique primates and every permit per person costs USD 400.

The starting point for gorilla trekking safaris is the Bukima where all trekkers meet the park rangers for briefing and after they are led to the great ranges of the Virunga Mountains for a great trek within the bamboo forests on the steep slopes of the mountain. This takes some good time to find the gorillas and it depends on where these gorillas spent the previous night. Visitors pass through ridges of trails up to the top in search for the gorilla since they stay at higher elevations hence requiring trekkers to be somehow fit for the activity.

Alternatively, visitors who are more enthusiastic with trekking gorillas may indulge in trekking the lowland gorillas from Kahuzi – national park also in DR. Congo in their natural tropical rain forest. This is not hectic since the terrains from where gorillas are found is low and one of the easiest trekking experience ever to be got for Congo.

From here visitors may engage in volcanic hike, this is done from Nyiragongo, this is one of the remaining active volcanic mountains. The climbing package goes at USD300 per person and porters are always available at a fee of USD 25 to carry luggage not exceeding 15kg for the visitors up to the top of the mountain. Mountaineering starts from Kibati patrol post and all hikers are provided with armed rangers for security purposes. Hikers are also encouraged to carry with them all the hiking kits including, shoes, rain jackets, hats, long sleeved shirts and long trousers, skin repellent, sleeping bags and the walking stick which is bought from the park among others.

This can take two days or one day for those who can climb and descend the mountain and who are physically fit. Visitors at night are accommodated in the well constructed tents on the top of the mountain. At night, this is the best time to experience the true behaviors of this active mountain as it turns the sky yellowish due to the active activities it performs by blowing the fumes to the sky. Visitors get a chance of seeing the surrounding areas including Lake Kivu including the other volcanic cones around the Virunga ranges.

This is too enjoyable since it makes every hiker sweat some plasma since it is one of the ways of reducing the weight while enjoying the rare active volcanic mountain in Africa, after this activity, visitor may descend the mountain back to Mikeno lodge for a rest. Visiting DR. Congo for these two activities is one of the best holiday that can be done with Nature adventure Africa Safaris Limited.


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