Have Fun with Leopards in Serengeti National Park

Leopards of Serengeti

When you reach the eastern horizon at dawn, the whole horizon floods all the plains with amber light. When you pick out the distinctive shape of the giraffes that move slow right around the acacias, you will realize that there is almost no time remaining for the Sasakwa lodge. The whole place is quite high on the hill. When you go to the Singita Grumeti Reserve, you will see that the whole savannah is quite large and endless.  There are many games, when roll out into the distant hill especially when you roll into Kenya.  This is how the whole thing appears to a flock of circling vultures. This just happens to be a view that defines the whole vastness of the lush area that is Serengeti. This region is know for the best Safari Tanzania.

When the wind blows in the east, there is a huge herald of long rains. The dry seasons begins then. And this banishes the whole anvil that is headed by the storm. When you reach the scorching grasslands, you will see the old lion being pelt.

The wildest bees are in herds that have left their grounds in the southern section of the park.  This is mainly what is responsible and the land still being rich shade of green.  There is lots of rain water that’s gets washed till it gets real bright.

In the year two thousand and two, a commodities trader who also happened to be an environmental enthusiast, bought the Grumeti reserve on lease from the government. This happens to be a collection of what seemed like hunting concessions which were bordering on the western corridor of one of the most famous national parks in Serengeti. If you are lucky on your leg of the Serengeti Safari Tanzania then you could spot a lot of wildlife including Zebras, Blue Wildebeests, buffalos, gazelles and many others.

There are totally about three hundred and fifty thousand acres of land in all. This has been virtually shot by the poachers and other such illegal activities.

There are two safari lodges that were built around the tented camps. These went completely into what looked like a partnership with Singita.  There are South African lodges here that are the ultimate in organizing good safaris.  This also happens to be the best wildlife estate on the whole planet.

The flagship lodge here is the Sasakwa. This has been built in the image of what seems like an Edwardian Manor house.  There are big large Venetian mirrors here. The chandeliers are made up of crystal. And there are huge log fires. The lounge is all well set up with a grand piano as well.

When you see the many paintings by David Shepard, and the many photographs by peter beard, you will see a touch of what looks like authentic Africa.  There is also a life size bronze statue of a cheetah right on the lawn.  There is a tennis court, along with horse riding, archery and croquet.

There are about ten cottages in all. These are named after the main figures in Africa’s safari history.

When you see the Selous, Hemingway and Berl Markham, all of these seem so secluded that the clients are shuttled to the dinner by what seems like a golf buggy.


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