In Africa the Sun Always Shines (Somewhere)

Africa Safari Sunset

For those who suffer through the dreary cold and dark winters of the northern hemisphere, it is a comforting thought that the sun always shines somewhere in Africa. South Africa is at its peak of summer in February. However, for the ultimate sun holidays you may wish to aim for a destination that has the highest chance of sunshine and summery weather all year around.

One great option would be Egypt, with its all-year-round warm climate, beautiful beaches and of course historical and cultural sights that no other country can match. The popular way to see Egypt would be a week exploring its monumental historical sights, including of course the pyramids. And then end the trip with a week at a relaxing resort on the beach by the Red Sea. Perhaps the vacation could be made even better by including a river cruise on the Nile!

If you are desperate for a truly hot summer as soon as possible, then the best advice would be to fly straight to South Africa. The ultimate summer towns are of course Cape Town, but also Durban and Port Elizabeth. And do not forget all the beautiful small beach towns along the Garden Route, such as Knysna and Plattenburg Bay. Cape Town will be the most diverse destination, with endless possibilities to keep you entertained. You will find stunning beaches in Camps Bay (for the lively beach with drinks on the board walk), in Clifton (for the smaller and more secluded beaches) and in Lladudno or Nordhoek for the really quiet relaxing beach experience. And once you are beached out you may spend a day exploring the beautiful wine country before heading to Long Street to explore the Capetonian nightlife.

The last option for a desperate sun-seeker may be to combine the hunt for hot summer days with a more adventurous (though luxurious) safari. The hottest, if temperature is what guides your freezing body these days, would be a safari in the Kalahari dessert. But be aware that the heat may be too much to handle even if this is what you came for. February in the Kalahari is not strange to 40+ degree heat (Celcius). But the good thing is that this heat pulls all the animals to their favorite watering holes, and that makes them much easier to find!

So, there should be no more doubt. If you currently find yourself in a freezing country desperate for a good sun holiday, Africa is the place to go!


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