A Journey deep inside the Bwindi Forests


Bwindi impenetrable national park is one of the most visited National Park in Uganda. The park is named as a heritage site by UNESCO and is one of the national parks accommodating the critically endangered mountain gorillas. This world known heritage site is found at the southern part of this country and was once a home to the Batwa (the pygmies). The park is one of the key national parks this destination visited by tourists taking safaris in Uganda. Uganda’s tourism is largely based on gorilla tourism thus Bwindi’s significance!

Bwindi impenetrable is a home to half of the world’s total population of the critically endangered mountain gorillas and thus making it one of the key centers of attractions for every tourist on a gorilla trekking safari within the impenetrable tropical rainforest. Mountain gorillas are found only in three countries with Uganda having them in her two national parks of Mgahinga and Bwindi impenetrable. Mountain gorillas and chimpanzees are known as man’s closest relatives who did not evolved about 4000 million years ago.

Things to Do in Bwindi Forest

Gorilla Tracking

A gorilla trekking safari is a challenging but an exciting adventure for tourists on safari visit to Uganda. This activity takes about 3-6 hours depending on the circumstances. Encountering with man’s closet relative is a beautiful memory to take home about Uganda safari. This activity takes place early in the morning. It is best in the morning when the mountain gorillas are looking for food than in the before they go in hiding to rest.

Bird Watching

Apart from gorilla trekking safaris, tourists to Bwindi Forest National Park can do bird watching and can sight about 100 to 200 bird species in a day. The park a haven of birds, noweonder it was voted number one as the best birding site by African Bird Club. Numerous bird species can be spotted by tourists birding through Bwindi’s various environments!

Primates Watching

While spotting birds, tourists can also see other primates like the monkeys and baboons and also discover the different tree species in the park.

Batwa Cultural Experience

Part of Bwindi Forest was inhabited by the Batwa, forest dwellers who used to share the forest with the endangered mountain gorillas. These bushmen like people survived on fruit gathering, honey and hunting. After gazetting Bwindi forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park as national parks, these people were forced out of the forests without compensation. Today they live in communities that live adjacent to the forests and their lifestyle has changed. After a gorilla trek in the forest, it is recommended to visit the Batwa Community and learn about these people. There are several initiatives that have been put in place to improve the standards of the Batwa communities through ecotourism.

Choosing Bwindi National Park as your number one destination offers you the chance to the sight and sound of the African Jungle.


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