Are you having a hard time finding a good map of Africa? Here is a bit of help, as I have selected 4 of the best maps of Africa for people who plan to travel to Africa. Most Africa maps on the Internet only show countries, cities/towns, and not much else. But if you want to travel in Africa, you want to see tourist destinations and a few travel options! So check out these four websites if you need a good map of Africa! Google Earth, has the ultimate map of Africa. Basically the best of the four, because it has the most detail and gives both information on the roads and the geography of the region. This is the best map of Africa. Overlanding Africa, have an excellent map of Southern Africa showing all their adventure tours, but also displaying solid information and pictures on various tourist destinations in that region.

Lonely Planet, have a very nice flash interactive map of Africa. By clicking on the map you can get valuable information on all the countries in Africa, and get great travel tips from the “bible” for all travellers the Lonely Planet.

Pathfinders Africa has a map of Africa map that Dr Livingstone would be proud of. The map display s their Africa expeditions, with pictures to give you a taste of what to expect on their adventure safaris in Africa. Have you seen a great map of Africa? Let me know and I will include it on this page.