Most Exciting Places to Visit in Seychelles


Seychelles is an island group having 115 islands in it. Out of these 115 islands, only a few are inhabited. Seychelles is located amidst the Indian Ocean across the Easter coast of Africa, towards the northeastern boundary of Madagascar. Below we have enlisted some of the most exciting places to visit in Seychelles.

Botanical Garden:
A tourist visiting Seychelles should begin his Victoria trail from the botanical garden. The botanical garden is home to thousands of indigenous plant species. One of the must-sees of this garden is the Coco De Mer; this tree was planted here by the Duke of Edinburgh during his visit to Seychelles in the year 1956. Another attraction of the place is the pen housing dedicated to the Aldabra tortoises. The botanical garden of Seychelles stays open from 8am till 5pm; the place can be visited on every days of a week, however, on Sunday’s guides will not be available.

Vallee De Mai:
This Seychelles based tourist destination is located in one of the most visited natural attractions of the island country, the Praslin National Park. Valle De Mai is also one of the 2 world heritage sites housed by Seychelles. Here, you will get to see Coco De Mer, the biggest nut grown on earth, produced in abundance.

Mission Lodge:
This Seychelles attraction is located in a national park called Morne Seychellois. This national park has an extremely quiet ambience; you can even hear the sound of a pin dropping when in this national park. The Mission Lodge is a place that has witnessed visits of renowned personalities. Queen Elizabeth-II spent a few hours in this lodge for having tea. The lodge is also famous for playing host to the famous botanical artist Marianne North; she sat here for making paintings.

Marine Parks:
The island country of Seychelles includes as many as fourteen marine reserves; out of them six have been categorized as marine national parks. Each of these marine parks will give the visitors the opportunity of exploring amazing underwater aquatic life. The authorities of all the marine life reserves of the country are extremely particular about the policies set for preservation of marine life. Visitors are not permitted to perform actions like collecting shells, disturbing or damaging dead or living animals or plants, fishing etc.

Esplanade craft stalls of Seychelles are located exactly on the opposite side of the Cable & Wireless, the premium broadband service provider of this island country. Esplanade is the best place for buying gifts for your relatives and friends back at home. Here, you will get to choose from a wide variety of products made by the local artisans of Seychelles. Each of the items available in the craft stalls reveals the amalgamation of different culture within the Seychellois nation. The stalls themselves are decorated pleasantly; they lie sheltered by shades of several trees. The place is always conditioned by cool breeze, which makes shopping a truly pleasurable experience. If you are looking for items resembling the colonial architecture of France, there are few better places in whole of Africa than this. For lovers of jewelry and diamonds (all women), the must visit is a stall called the Kenwyn house.

The Craft Village:
The craft village is an area housing several Creole bungalows. The local refer to this area as Domain Val-de-pres. Each offers a specialty handicraft of its own; examples include nicely designed soaps containing coconut oil, artifacts made using hard shells of coconut, glass mobiles, clothes made by local designers and tailors, colorful and vivacious silk paintings etc. There are some bungalows, which are used as workshops; during your visit to these bungalows you will get see the extremely skilled craftsmen working and creating great works of art.


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