Enjoy Mussulo Island Pleasures

Mussulo Island

Africa is a land of surprises and gives the best pleasures of being in a fascinating land of beautiful memories. This is a great place to be in if you are in search of a great time in your travel experiences. Get the best of tour pleasures and travel ecstasies and enjoy the delights of being in a great land of ancient culture and fascinating traditions. A traveller coming here is sure to get into the lovely ambience and bask in the pleasures of being in an exotic destination filled with utmost tour luxuries.

While in Africa you would surely enjoy the pleasures of the beautiful bays and shores here, and would find your travel memories doubling with excitement and joy. The beautiful beaches of the Luanda Bay are a sight to behold and an awe inspiring experience, and these beautiful sandy shores give the pleasures of Mussulo Island which is an upscale beach in this part of the world. it can be reached by a cruise by boat from Marina in Luanda Besides there are ferries available which give the ideal delights of great travel ecstasies.

The Luanda Bay is a beautiful land in front of the Fortress of St. Miguel de Luanda as it overlooks a great land below. With the beautiful blue tiles decorating the fortress it lives to say a great deal about the Luanda Bay and its islands. The Portuguese were the first who landed on the shores of Luanda and the courtyard has many statues of important leaders and explorers. Today the fort is a military museum and has many original cannons which still guard the rampart.

Angola with its bordering countries of Namibia, Zambia, and Congo offers great travel pleasures and this is a country that has seen a lot of political and civil unrest but has its natural ambience intact.

Mussulo Island is a small southern bay in Luanda and has a lovely beach which is very famous for its scenic sights and white sand. This is a very popular tourist spot in this part of Angola and gives the pleasures of a great land filled with the maximum tour delights. With a lot of accommodation and other facilities, Mussulo Island is an ideal place to spend your travels in peace and tranquility. Come here and enjoy the pleasures of a land which is surely a must see in African travels.

With the sandy white beaches and the green palm trees making a perfect composition, Mussulo Island is a perfect relaxation experience for all those who come to this part of the world. As you go round the place it is interesting to see the various sights that greet the tourists here and surely Mussulo is a great place to be in, in Luanda. Angolans and also visitors come here and enjoy the rejuvenating experience of being in a land of surprising delights and great pleasures. Normally Mussulo Island is reached through the Barra do Kwanza but there are also motor boats which take you around to this place.

Mussulo island is not actually an island. It is a large lagoon, a tidal lagoon in fact and extends around 35 km along the coast. It is a sand back which is formed by the sedimentation of the River Kwanza and lies along the length of the Luandan coast on the southern side. it connects Africa to the Atlantic ocean.

So this beautiful island which is located to the south of the Luanda region has miles and miles of sandy stretches and gives the person enough opportunities to enjoy the pleasures of a beautiful land. Get a sun tan here and sit under the shadows of the palm and coconut trees which dominate the whole region. also if you are a watersports enthusiast experience the pleasures of being in a land of beautiful sights and natural beauty.

This extension of land is very famous for its natural splendour. So come here and visit the most important tourist attractions in this part of Luanda. So whether it is exploring the land or enjoying he diverse aquatic sports, whether it is exploring the pirao, moamba and funge or enjoying the simple beauty around, Luanda and Mussulo are surely on the top of the list of places to see in Luanda.


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