Nightlife Oasis: Discovering the Best Places to Party in Morocco


Traveling around Morocco during the day brings endless discoveries and adventure possibilities. From the bustling and diverse markets to trekking along the Atlas Mountains to exploring the towering dunes of the Sahara desert, there’s definitely no shortage of things to discover. But this North African country also has a pretty impressive nightlife scene as well.

Morocco has some of the most eclectic nightspots in the world. One probably wouldn’t expect that from a more conservative, predominantly Muslim country, but it definitely does have a nightlife flair all its own. Live music venues are a popular way to enjoy and evening out. But there are also plenty of other intriguing options like discos, nightclubs, and theaters. And of course, there are definitely plenty of delicious food options to try out as well. From the metropolis of Casablanca to the imperial city of Marrakesh, let’s take a look at the nightlife possibilities while in Morocco.


Because Morocco is a predominantly Muslim country, alcohol is not something you’re going to find an excess of. It’s important to be sure you’re aware of any rules or customs, as with any foreign country you’re visiting.

As far as safety goes, it’s highly recommended that you go out as a group at night, as petty crime and harassment does target tourists. Female travelers should avoid walking alone. Unfortunately, and unattended female tourist may attract unwanted attention. If you must go somewhere alone, make sure it’s during the day at best. Women should also try to dress conservatively, as Morocco is a very conservative country. Wearing skimpy clothing will definitely be frowned upon and may also possibly attract unwanted attention.


This eclectic city will offer plenty to travelers both day and night. It’s known for its enchanting, old world style charm, yet is full of modern pizzazz and culture too.

One can’t miss thing to do at night while roaming around Marrakesh is a visit to the night market, called Jemaa el Fna. It’s known as the heart of the city and once the sun goes down, it’s bustling, hectic, and alive with too many food and shopping options to count. This is definitely the perfect place to experience authentic Moroccan cuisine. You’ll also find plenty of entertainment in and around the marketplace as well. Be on the lookout for snake charmers, fortune tellers, fire eaters, and street musicians all looking to entertain and earn a bit of money.

Marrakesh is a great place to enjoy live music. Aside from the numerous live performances you’ll encounter at Jemma el Fna Square, you’ll find plenty of live music options scattered throughout the city whether on the street or in the nightclubs. Music styles can vary from traditional Moroccan tunes to pop and jazz.

Marrakesh also has its fair share of nightclubs and discos. Clubs tend to be the busiest during the weekend when locals are off work, so keep that in mind if you’re not a fan of stuffy crowds. The nightlife scene in the city has become more prominent, with party-goers looking for swankier, up-scale lounges. And although alcohol can be a tough thing to come across in Morocco, many of the nightclubs do serve liquor and cocktails. Just be sure to be aware of what the law and restrictions are on alcohol before indulging.


Because alcohol consumption is generally frowned upon in Morocco, Casablanca may be a good nightlife destination choice for those looking for a few more options when it comes to alcoholic beverages. However, the nightlife scene does tend to be a bit calmer in Casablanca than in Marrakesh.

The Corniche area of Casablanca is where you’ll find some of the trendier spots in the city. This is especially true during the summer when crowds spill out into the streets and fill up the many beach clubs as well. The boardwalk is a great place to explore. Here you’ll find various nightclubs and restaurants to choose from. There’s even a New York inspired bar, for those looking for a western experience while in Morocco. For a swankier vibe, look into the Sky 28 bar. It sits at the top of the Kenzi Tower Hotel. It offers some great panoramic views while sipping on a cocktail and listening to jazz music.

Other options for bars in Casablanca are the hotel bars. For a luxury experience, head for the Hyatt Hotel. It’s considered one of the fanciest hotels in the city. But other hotels also offer great ambiance and drink choices too.

Live music is also prevalent in Casablanca. You’ll find piano bars, jazz clubs, and even a Latin American-inspired venue that offers upbeat music and various dances like salsa and meringue.

If film is your thing for a night out on the town, check out the Cinema Rialto. It’s an art deco designed building that dates back to the 1930s. It only has one screen, but sometimes you might get lucky enough to catch a Moroccan film classic!


This beachfront city is known for partying well into the night. Keep in mind, however, that most bars in Agadir close at around 1am and the parties then tend to migrate into the clubs. The entry fees tend to be rather inexpensive though, freeing up some extra cash to spend on cocktails. For the gamblers, there are plenty of casinos that stay open late if you’re looking to test your luck.


Fez (also spelled Fes) is a more conservative city than say Marrakesh or Casablanca. So it’s definitely not the place to venture to if you’re looking for a raucous evening out. And the bars here are definitely few and far between. But that’s not to say you won’t be able to find some sources of entertainment at night here.

The best place to find a bar in Fez is at one of the larger hotels. And you’ll find the most of the upscale restaurants will also serve alcohol. If you’re looking for a relaxing night out with a glass of wine or a cocktail, check out Hotel Batha Bar. There are also some great rooftop bars to seek out if you’re feeling adventurous. You’ll also find some great, low-key restaurants in Fez for a top-notch dining experience. French and Moroccan inspired dishes can be found throughout the city’s dining options.

Travelling around Morocco is definitely an exotic and unforgettable experience. And while there may seem to be more opportunities to explore this North African country during the day, its nightlife is also a unique and intriguing way to experience all of the eclectic things the country has to offer.


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