Planning a Perfect Family Safari in Uganda & Rwanda


You can enjoy wildlife, primate or a cultural safari as a family in Uganda or Rwanda. We have got many tips for a perfect family safari in Uganda and Rwanda and you will find this information useful. The family safaris are one of our specialties and we shall give you the most adventurous tours in Uganda. There are more and more families going on safaris in Africa not just for families with the teens but for the children of all ages.

These family safaris are so educational, informative, cross cultural, a study tour of the wildlife, birds, plants and trees that are not found in your home country. The children and Adults alike enjoy sharing an African adventure safari that creates lasting family memories and often are part of the quality shaping process for the children.  A family safari also means adventure, staying in the tents, lodges and going to sleep with the sounds of African wild, taking a boat or a horseback riding safari, or horseback riding safari, or hiking through the African savanna, swamp or the bush.

Rwanda and Uganda are the perfect African family safari destinations with lots of activities for the family and not just for the teens, there are many kids who go for safaris and loved it. With an African safari, you don’t have to wait until the kids are grown, moved out and married off, you need to bring them now on a family adventure that will create lasting memories as well as new bonding with family members.

The things to see and do as a family with children while on safari in Uganda are many since it’s a perfect country for the kid- friendly family tours, this means that there is something for everyone. These activities depend on the ages of your children and each family tour is tailored taking your wishes, the ages of your children to mind. These tours are carefully designed for the best results and outcome.

Gorilla trekking and Chimpanzee tracking is not meant for the children under the age of 15 years and we shall have special activities for them while you track the gorillas and chimps. The few of the many things to do and see in Rwanda on a family safari with the children in Africa include; the Akagera Savannah park with its wildlife, Lake Kivu with its great beach activities within a land locked country, Kigali city will also impress the children with its cleanliness.

The safaris with children in Uganda are kid friendly tours that the whole family will enjoy. The safaris with children in Uganda kid friendly safaris and have increased in number each and every year. These safaris used to be unusual thing but today they have become the most things and more families choose to go on safari together as the create family memories that will be treasured for years to come. Our company has taken families with children as young as two and others are teens and can do more tiring activities like hiking and those above 15 years enjoy chimp and gorilla trekking.

The family safaris impact lives. Family safaris impact the lives of others such as children in an orphanage like the common Sanyu Babies Home in Kampala. Going on a family safari is more exciting and enriching adventure which adds that cultural touch and helps others to make it more meaningful.

The children from one culture meeting with the children from different back ground make a great difference. This also brings some deflated soccer balls, dolls, books and well as solar lamps that make a huge difference in the lives of these Ugandan children. The tourists can allow their children to sit in a Ugandan classroom for a few hours and also go home with one of the children and they will see the change.

The family safari into the African Wild also bonds a family close and creates long lasting shared family memories and your children meet different cultures and ways. It can also be a gift to your children thus creating lasting memories and you. You get exposed to the different traditions and cultures, learning new and different ways that are mutually rich to you and the Africans that you meet along the journey.

The children also need to dress up right for a safari; going on safari is not like going to the beach but the wild of Africa. Clothing on safari is about protection against bugs, protecting your children from the nettles, brush as well as the thorns. The right clothing also means comfort for your children on safari with you. This also helps since Africa is dusty and we have got bugs. Uganda also provides the perfect setting for the multi generational family safari. With some family safaris, we have to use two vehicles and have carried out many multi generational safaris from the USA, Canada, UK, as well as South Africa.

Making the Family safari exciting for the kids will also add more fun into your safari and it takes a bit of planning but can be done while you are in the pearl of Africa. These are some of the safaris that we enjoy creating as well as planning for you and your family. There are many lodges that we use for the family safaris and we use the most kid friendly lodges in Uganda where families can relax and enjoy. The up market lodges tend to be the best choices for the families. These also have discounts for the children where budget and moderate lodges tend not to do so. These also have got larger rooms where a family of four can stay or they have connecting rooms that allow the parents to check on the children and tend to them. These lodges will mostly have a pool, a friendly menu and will take special requests and can handle dietary requests.
The food on the safari is kid friendly with a great menu and great food. This takes more planning, interaction with lodges and hotels. We also make sure that your children have plenty of local fruits for one thing like Bananas, papaya, Pineapple, Mangoes as well as watermelon. We will also get children preferences from you and then implement your requests including the special dietary needs that your children might have.

The family safari with children also means inspiring cultural encounters that will never be forgotten by your children. The African family safari is more than the wildlife, the adventure, as well as excitement and it can be time of cultural interaction that will enhance your time in Uganda. When on the safari, you will meet many cultural features that have got meaning. There can also be village visits that can be incorporated where the children can learn traditional ways and cultures. Visit the local schools, and the orphanage. You can as well spend a day with the Batwa people in Bwindi impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga national parks of Uganda. You will also need a very friendly tour guide who will drive the kids safely and reach well.


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