Amazing Tours in Ras Muhammad National Park

Ras Muhammad National Park

Egypt is a land of fascination and enchantment for all. Visiting this beautiful desert region fills your tours with enthralling tours and beautiful travel experiences. Located in the area surrounding the Red Sea Riviera this is around 12 km from the Sharm-el-Sheikh. The park covers an area of around 480 square kilometres and has immense travel pleasures, which provide you ultimate tour ecstasies. Marsa Ghozlani is a very small inlet that is found across the centre for visitors.

There are many reasons why tourists love to come and the 0.9 hectare mangrove forest cover is just one of them. There is also a 1.15 km shallow channel located at the southernmost tip of the peninsula. come here and feel the difference of being in a different land with the open cracks, which are a result of the earthquakes here. In fact, there is a 40 m length and 0.20 width crack, which makes tours, very intriguing. The inland area is inclusive of a diversity that is made up of the gravel, wadis, coastal mud plains and the sand dunes. The area plays a major role in migration of birds and is a place for nourishment and rest.

One comes here and gets enthralled by the coral reef and the hermatypic fringes, which form the landscape here. Ras Mohammed National park is near the shoreline with at least 220 species of coral found here. Out of these 125 of them are very soft coral and these reefs are located around 50 cm to 100 cm below the surface of the sea. Yolanda Reef and Shark Reef are popular here and with other reef sites in view.

Visiting Middle Africa could not have better than visiting the beautiful Ras Mohammed National Park.


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