Renting a Car in Uganda? Know These Things

Uganda Car Rental

Uganda is exceptionally one of the best safari destinations in Africa. It is famous for its over 480 individuals of rare mountain gorillas representing about half of all those that thrive in the entire world, more than 60 distinct tribes are all confined within this stunning country, over 100 different mammal species without excluding numerous water bodies and stunning landscapes and forests which make it one of the loveliest tourist destinations by most travelers in the world.

With several extra ordinary tourist attractions that widely spread across the nation, the perfect way to get around is only if you rent a vehicle with one of our professional drivers or simply embark on a self drive and discover what this country holds for the world. However, prior making your last decision on which car to rent in Uganda, we have tried to give some important information that we feel will be of great value to you while hiring a vehicle for a safari in Uganda this year whether for guided or self drive safaris.

Car hire company reputation

Never be a prey to any fraud and unreliable car hire agency. Make sure that you spend sometime checking through what other have said about the same car rental company that you intend to deal with. Go a head and verify the office address and contact numbers as well as examining the costs of vehicle that you intend to rent for your safaris. The other thing that you shouldn’t forget is the terms and conditions that you will be required to follow in case you have any plans to rent a car for road trip in Uganda. By following this, you will certainly make the best choice and you won’t regret in life.

Traffic rules

Like any other destination in the world, traffic rules and regulations apply everywhere; most of these are government laws which are intended to control road users, you have to drive on the left side of the road in Uganda, always put on your safety belts, don’t over speed and above all you need a valid driving permit or license and in case you are foreign visitor, you should have an international drivers license so as not to be a culprit in the hands of the traffic officers on road.

Entrance and parking fees

Uganda features a number of stunning tourist destinations but whereas national parks might have a standard price of about 40 dollars per visitor and 20 dollars for car entrance other tourist sites have different costs set below those for national park entrances for instance paying a visit to Kabaka’s palace, Kasubi tombs or Kabaka’s Lake the entrance and parking price can be around 20 dollars per visitor. For Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Kibale Forest National Park which are the famous primate sites in the country, you may not incur entrance fee but you must have a gorilla trekking permit or chimpanzee tracking permit.

Safety precautions

For visitor safety purposes, you are advised not to over speed, over take, driving under the influence of alcohol, never drive at night and above all always remember to leave the doors and windows on lock so as not to be a culprit in the hands of thieves. You will need to have a permit and passport with you or any other kind of identification so as not to be incriminated by any traffic police along the way.

In conclusion, in case you are planning to rent a vehicle in Uganda this year and you are wondering what to do or not to do, which car hire company to deal with, we believe that with the above information, you certainly make the perfect choice and you will have the best comfortable and enjoyable road trip in Uganda.


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