Akagera National Park

Named after river Akagera that flows in the heart of the park, Akagera is Rwanda’s most beautiful and heartwarming national park in the eastern province of the country. The extreme beauty of nature, the neighborhood and excellent photography make the park a must visit on a Rwanda safari.  Interestingly, Akagera is the greenest and lushest park in the whole of Africa which make it a favorite gateway to the big five game. From the moment you step into the park to the last day, expect lot of surprises ranging from a variety of wildlife, birds, vegetation and the local people all which co-exist harmoniously in the park. A closer look at wild animals in their native habitats and in their native lands is surely fabulous.  More still the park hosts 14 lakes surrounded by abundant of swamps and grasslands favoring the habitation of various wild and bird life. Popular activities in akagera national park include among others:

Game drives

Game viewing is a highlight for all safaris to akagera national park. As you drive in the open savannah grasslands, travelers appreciate how nature reveals its treasures with spectacular views of herds of Elephants, hippos, buffalos, antelopes, topis, zebras, leopards, hyenas, lions, zebras and serval cats among others. Experienced guides help to spot these animals and explain in details the unique characters about each identified animal. Game drives are done two times a day which are in the early morning and evening to catch up with animals grazing and hunting before retiring for rest. Night game drives are also done to experience nocturnal animals like bush babies but all travelers are cautioned to keep inside the car.

Bird watching

Akagera national park is not only a home for wildlife but also a paradise for birders. There are over 520 bird species residing in the park, which make it a best birding spot.  Birds both endemic and migratory are mostly spotted in swamps, forested areas and along the water shores at different times of the year.  Common birds include Robbin chat, crested barbet, grey hornbill, ross’s Turaco and lilac-breasted roller, black headed gonalek, Falco naumanni and glareola nordmanni, red faced barbet, buff-spotted woodpeckers, show bill, ring necked francolin, bronze sunbird, green-throated sunbird, leaf-love, black shouldered night jar, white-collared olive back, sweet waxbill and thick-billed seedeater among others. among others. More still, the park is home to the Zambezian biome species such as myrmecocichla and other birds from the guinea Congo forest.  You will learn about each bird providing you wit in depth knowledge about bird life.

Boat cruising

Done on lake Ihema and other lakes with in the park, a boat ride is a not miss in Akagera for a complete safari package.  While on a boat cruise, expect to see large herds of hippos since the lake is a home to the highest population of hippos in the whole of East Africa. You are also assured of seeing crocodiles, buffalos, elephants as well as countless bird species, which look very beautiful on the lake shores. A boat cruise rewards you with fresh airs and spectacular views of the entire national park and the neighboring communities.

Spot fishing

This is done on lake Shakani and is one of the most enjoyable activities in Akagera national park. Tilapia is the most caught fish using different fishing methods such as gill nesting, hooking, cast net method, scoop net method, lampara method and spearing method among others. Despite the many hippos that spend most time in the water, travelers are assured of their safety and enjoyable experience. Fishing can be done the whole day of half day depending on the choice of the traveler.


Being open savannah grassland, Akagera national park is a good place for camping.  Three camping sites have been established namely Muyumbu, Shakani and Mutumba campsites to provide accommodation for the camping travelers.  Shakani camping sites is near lake Shakani best for fishing where as Mutumba camping site is known for higher concentration of animals, elephants, buffalos, lions, giraffes, warthogs, impalas and waterbucks among others.  These make it a best for game viewing and starting point for game drives. Muyumba camping site is positioned on the ridge close to Kiyonza gate overlooking the two lakes of Ihema and Shakani. Travelers are reminded to pack their packing gears; ad warm jackets since it mat get cold in the night.

Cultural tours

Akagera national park is owned in partnership with the local communities hence an opportunity for travelers to take part in cultural tours.  Different packages are offered and these include heritage, which entail cattle grazing, and milking or else the production of local beers, preparation of local foods as well as making arts bad crafts. The participation in community activities give them in depth understanding of traditions and cultures at the same time feeling like part of the community.

Accommodation in Akagera national park

Travelers to Akagera national park are assured of quality food and sleeping services at affordable price. There are various lodging facilities and camping sites, which provide luxury, midrange and budget services to travelers at different rates. These include Akagera game lodge (luxury), Ruzizi tented camp (Mid range) and camping sits (budget). All services whether, high end or budgets are excellent delivered by friendly and experienced staff.  Travelers can book direct on their websites or through any trusted tour operator.

Conclusively therefore, book now, travel to Akagera and enjoy a memorable wildlife experience.