Hiring a Car for Self Drive in Rwanda


Rwanda has some of the most magnificent landscapes which are unique and the country has good roads with many tourism attractions like National parks including Volcanoes national park which is known for the endangered mountain gorillas. A Rwanda self drive is an excellent option for large families, solo travellers, couples, not only is it more affordable, but it also offers the most excellent services.

When preparing for a holiday, it is essential to book in advance and confirm in time with Rwanda sewlf drive, last minute rental reservations are not advisable.

Rwanda self drive allows you to be more flexible with your travel itinerary where you can stop and enjoy Rwandan hidden attractions and beauty. Our fleet consists of Rav4, Land cruisers, super customs, and all are convenient for game viewing and many other attractions becouse they have sun roofs or open roofs

Self drive Rwanda organizes self-drive itineraries. They will book your accommodation for you on request, and usually you will have a choice as to what type of accommodation you would like. This is a good option if you don’t have the time to research your itinerary yourself. It’s also a good idea to book your accommodation in advance especially during the months of pick season

Why rent a car in Rwanda

Renting a car means you can be more flexible with your travel plans. You can stop at places you didn’t know existed and you can also make a quick exit if a destination isn’t quite what you expected. It’ll also save you money.

Rwanda is one of the few African countries where the roads are well maintained Gas (petrol) is readily available at reasonable intervals along the roads.

A variety of excellent accommodation and apartments can be found throughout the country and there’s plenty of opportunity to camp at well maintained sites,

Rwanda self drive gives you excellent car hire in Rwanda. We offer only the lowest rates complimented by professional service, giving you the driving freedom to explore our country without restrictions.

Self drive specials

Self drive holidays in Rwanda allow visitors to travel at their own pace, Rwanda self drive is the way to go. Hire a car in Rwanda and don’t forget to check our website for the cheapest car rentals in Rwanda, monthly car hire rates and long term rental, there is a discount. A self drive in Rwanda can be an awesome experience.

4×4 self drive Rwanda

Rwanda Self drive presents the 4×4 enthusiast with a network of off road adventure. The company offers a wide range of 4×4 vehicles for hire in Rwanda. We offer rates with and without camping equipment and with or with out a driver. See our self drive fleet 4×4 page on our web site for more details.

must-see destinations in Rwanda

After selecting Rwanda self drive , take advantage of the unlimited mileage and explore some of the features Rwanda has to offer. When renting a car in Rwanda, visit the Volcanoe national park for gorilla tracking, Nyungwe forest National park which is known for Chimpanzee and many species of monkeys, Akagera National park for wild life and big five, For those with relaxing and honey mooners, Lake Kivu is an appropriate place. Take an opportunity to take a road trip through Rwanda by adding an additional driver for very reasonable cost, making cross-country travel not just possible, but much more relaxing and fun!

explore, customize and book your Rwanda self drive holiday online.

We help our visitors to select good itineraries with accommodation and some tours or attractions. choice to pick and choose whatever additional tours you want to add. It’s so easy! Best of all, it’s all able to be booked and confirmed instantly and once complete we will send you a fantastic itinerary for your Rwanda Journey.

You can choose from a variety of Rwanda accommodation to suit any budget. Ranging from Hotels, Lodges, apartments, and Motels to Holiday Park accommodation. Just let us know the type of Rwanda accommodation required, and we will do the booking for you.

self drive tours

Rwanda self drive tours offer a flexible touring experience that allows you to discover Rwanda in its diversity at your own pace. The self drive tour often includes planned accommodation and a self drive itinerary designed around your requirements. or simply enjoy the spectacular scenery along the way.

total flexibility

Your self drive tour is made easy by a great range of rental cars, automatics, manual and with unlimited kilometres. The choice is yours to use automatic or manual transmissions.

If you have a special request for an activity or location to be included in your itinerary just advise us. We are happy to assist wherever possible.

Holidaying by car allows you total flexibility to visit the places that most interest you popular tourist resorts, cities, national parks, country towns, world heritage areas, secluded wilderness and hideaway places.Meet Rwanda self drive rental car and have the opportunity to explore this beautiful country.

You may travel at your own pace and stop wherever you wish for as long as you wish, always knowing that your accommodation is assured.

self-drive tour holidays

Some people like to wander at will, exploring new places every day. Some enjoy a trip without no worries about making hotel reservations as they travel. And then other people like a trip where they do not need to drive. It is up to you. However, if this is your first visit to Rwanda do consider hiring a car with the driver guide as an introduction to the country before heading out on your own. Explore Rwanda with Rwanda self drive , you will never regret.

self drive trip

Some travellers like to have everything planned with the route set in stone and all hotels booked before they depart. Others enjoy the total freedom afforded by self driving and prefer to set off into the sunset in their rented vehicle with no real idea of where they’re heading.

Travelling in the developing countries like Rwanda, it is necessary to have at least a rough itinerary in mind before you set off. This will allow you to check out likely travel times, potential delays, whether there will be somewhere to stay each night etc. Its all too easy in African countries to find that journey times takes much longer than you anticipated , especially in rainy season meaning you run out of time and don’t get to visit all the places you were aiming for.

When planning for self drive trip in African countries, you change plans following pre-trip research which has revealed that it would be impossible to cover the distance You had planned in the time available. Enough research is necessary before setting off for your journey to a void being stack in the field or in the Villages.

When planning to travel into un stable country, you need to be up to date, you need to read news, check on internet, BBC news, and many more sources of news. This will help you to know which places are more dangerous than the other.


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