Surfing in South Africa – Best Surf Spots and Beaches

Surfing in South Africa

South Africa has become a popular destination for surfers from all around the world. And not without reason; in South Africa you will find world class surfs, but also get a real African adventure at the same time. Here you can enjoy safaris and wildlife one day and “Super Tubes” at J-bay the next. But before you leave home you should remind yourself that South Africa is a huge country, and it can be hard to get around to all the beaches in one week! And that is why I wrote this quick introduction to the South African surf, so you can choose where to go before you go!

Best Surf Spots around Cape Town

If you are looking for surf beaches for beginners in South Africa, you should probably start looking around Cape Town. At least that’s what I did! Muizenberg is a very popular surf spot just a short drive directly south of Cape Town. There you will find slow and smaller waves on a sandy beach that keeps your limbs safe when you crash into the ground. The warmer water temperature is another welcoming factor of this beach. But Muizenberg also has one major drawback; there is definitely a risk of encountering the great white shark! Fish Hoek is another spot for beginners, a few minutes further south from Muizenberg.

If you cut through the Cape peninsula to the west from False Bay and Muizenberg, you will find a very popular little surf mecca at Kommetjie and Long Beach. This is a good spot for beginners, intermediates as well as advanced surfers. This beach offers some different reef, some more protected than others, which gives Kommetjie a lot of variety, and you can choose between bigger and smaller waves.

Llandudno is another very nice beach with some great waves for the intermediate surfers. It has short rides, but sometimes with deep barrels.

For the really seasoned expert surfers, there are some really advanced surfs as well in the Cape Town area. Kalk Bay is one popular spot, which is supposed to offer some intense barrels on a left hand reef break. Noordhoek is another great spot for experts, just south of Cape Town. The waves can be very big here!

Surfing at Legendary Jeffrey’s Bay (J-Bay)

Located a long days drive from Cape Town, at the other end of the Garden Route, Jeffrey’s Bay is by far the most famous (and best) surf spot in South Africa! It hosts the annual Billabong Pro ASP World Tour, which draws huge crowds. You will always find people surfing here, as it is a good spot all year around. The surf is for advanced or expert surfers, with very fast and long rides, and is actually considered to be one of the world’s best right hand point breaks!

If J-Bay or the Cape Town surfs are not your thing, you should not worry! South Africa has endless spots for all kinds of surfers, and there are several sources on the internet to find them. Below I have listed the two websites that I found to be the most helpful in finding the best surf spots in South Africa:

Good luck with your travels and surfs in South Africa, and please leave a comment below with your tips about where to find the ideal surfs, beaches and breaks!


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