Surf in Africa – 10 Tips You Should Know


If you want to learn to surf here is a quick guide including 10 surfing tips, on the struggle to catch a wave. With the insights of another surfing rookie, and expert advice from a veteran surfer.

Having bought a surfboard just 2 weeks ago, it is fair to say that I am as green as they can get. Still learning how to surf, I thought it would be nice to share my experiences and give some tips for all of you surfers and surferettes starting to surf as well. The veteran advice will be supplied by Andre van Kets, our own editor and Capetonian surfer dude.

10 Surfing Tips

  • Surf with a buddy
    Learning to surf with a buddy is much more fun plus it is much cooler to share you first surfing experiences with someone else.
  • Find your balance in the water
    A surfboard is supposed to float on the water, so when you are on your board it should float the same way as it would without you, just a bit more under the waterline.
  • Mark your balance point
    A good way to easily find your balance point is to mark it with a marker or a bit of wax.
  • Paddle with crawl stroke
    This is the most effective to catch a wave, as it gives you a constant speed.
  • Sit on your board
    Try to sit on your board, as it not only looks cool but also allows you to see the waves that are coming. Sitting on your board is all about being calm on your board.
  • Push up to stand on your board
    Standing on your surfboard is just like making a push up. Push up and sweep your feet under your body in one flowing motion.
  • Keep low and look up
    To give yourself more control over the board try to keep as low as possible, like a sumo wrestler. Also remember to look up, looking at your feet you will fall down believe me.
  • Dry practicing on your board
    Too learn how to stand on the board it is good to practice on land, either in the sand or on your bed. Also good to find your balance on the board.
  • Falling off cover the back of your head
    As you fall off your board it will be taken by the wave and propelled by the strength of the ocean. So cover your head as it might fly over you.
  • Make your practice hours
    The final tip has to be that you invest time. It takes determination to learn to surf, so spend a lot of time in the water and you will catch a wave!

These were some basic surfing tips that can help you to learn how to surf. Even better is the advice from a veteran surfer, an expert when it comes to surfing in Africa. And how convenient we have a real veteran right here at the Africa Travel Guide, Andre!

Veteran Surfer’s Advice:

Surfing is all about patience and feeling at home in the water. If you respect the sea and understand all aspects of it, you will learn how to surf! And still everytime you will surf you will learn something new, you will always get a different experience! So be patient and you will be hooked for life!

Thanks Andre, great advice there!


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