Best Things to Do in Central African Republic

Kembe Waterfalls

Come to the beautiful African continent and enjoy your tours in this part of the world. Come here and experience the pleasures of a great land filled with the best kinds of delight. Visit the lovely land that has some of the most fascinating locales and the ideal tour destinations in this part of the world. Visit this part of Africa and go back totally enchanted.

Visit Bangassou here and find this lovely travel locale on the banks of the River Ubangi a great sight for all. As you find it on the border of the Republic of Congo, go across to the lovely Kembe Falls and find your travels here greatly interesting and relaxing. Visit this place and also see the River Kotto here.

Then you have Bangui which is a lovely place next to the River Ubangi. Constructed on a rock, Bangui is a place that has the best kind of greenery and has many modern buildings which are the mainstay of tours here. There are many places like the Central Market, the Boganda Museum, the cathedral, and Saint Paul Mission, the Arts and Crafts school, and the Hausa quarter. There is s small brick church here which lies in front of the river. The Grande Corniche goes towards the banks of the River Ubangi and gives the best kinds of sights with the lovely view of the canoes and huts around the fishermen’s houses.

Boali Waterfalls are another lovely sight here in this part of Africa and they give the best sights of the Boali village. The 250 m falls are around 50 m high and give you a chance to see the best views from the top. There is a hydroelectric power plant nearby which is another tourist attraction.

Then go to Bouar and enjoy the sights of the interesting burial mounds here. it is said that they are thousands of years old and are filled with the upright megaliths which are the Tanjung.

Then go and see the indigenous forest tribes who are found living in the small-time encampments and low huts made of leaves and lianas in the Lobaye region. Around 100 km from the capital, there are some of the best sights of coffee plantations which are found lying around the forest.

Then there is a very interesting thing that you could do here. Play Basketball. This is a very popular sport here and people pursue it with a lot of passion. So come to Central African and enjoy this sport here. this is a great way to get connections with the people who live here.

Central Africa is also a lovely region to visit just to get the sights of the beautiful forged wooden houses in the town of Zinga lying on the banks of the River Oubangui.

Life in Africa is based on wildlife and tours here are incomplete if you don’t go on a wildlife experience here. Come to Central Africa and bask in the pleasures of a lovely land filled with the best kind of national parks. This is the best experience here. So come to the Manovo Gounda, which is very famous for the hippos. The Bamingui Bangoran is found in the northern part and the Dzanga Sangha in the southwestern part. The population of wild animals here is such that it is really something memorable and the simple pleasures of viewing gorillas in Bayanga complete the tours to Central Africa.


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