Top 5 Countries to Visit in Africa in 2018


When visiting Africa, the unbelievable countries are often the highlight of most safari tours and when you stick to only places that have ever been visited by friends and family, you surely miss out a lot on the amazing scenery and wonders found in these countries. Here are the top 10 countries to explore in Africa for any wonderful remarkable vacation holiday.

South Africa

South Africa is a great tourist destination loved and visited by all kind of people and attracts 80% of tourists to Africa. The country has so much to offer and making a choice of what to explore and what to leave out becomes a hassle since everything is beautiful and attractive. Most exciting tour adventures include wildlife viewing, white water rafting, abseiling, shark cage diving, Wine tourism, hiking, golfing, mountain climbing and the beautiful coastlines for sun worshipers. The country landscape and vegetation makes more fantastic because it has terrains, forests and deserts. Also the beautiful beaches of Seychelles make South Africa extremely attractive and perfect for honeymoon holidays and adventure travel. If you like shopping and enjoying fine meals, South Africa should be your next destination of interest in Africa since it has plenty of opportunities with even chances to experience local and international cuisines.


The most famous wildlife safari destination in Africa known for mountain climbing, wildlife viewing, beach vacations, fishing and wildebeest migration. And much more is none other than Tanzania.Most of Tanzania tourists are from across the world most notably from USA, United Kingdoms, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Spain and others. Tanzania is  home to top wildlife top Africa destinations like Serengeti National Park, Ngorogoro crater, Lake Manyara to mention but a few. Other tourists to the country love the country because of the highest mountain range of Kilimanjaro the most rewarding mountain for hiking and mountain climbing safaris in Africa. Zanzibar Island beaches are another paradise for leisure and relaxation worth exploring during your visit to Tanzania any time of the year.


The only country in Africa that famed for Arabic and European cultural influence. Many people like morocco because of being a home to Marrakesh Medina, Meknes, Mazelike Medieval quarter that is very exciting and great for shopping ceramics, jewelry and metal lanterns. In the capital of rabat is a royal fort overlooking water that is too beautiful and another place to visit while in morocco. Other great attractions include the Atlas Mountains, beach resorts and giant sand dudes. Above all no trip to North Africa is incredible like a trip to Morocco. Discover breathtaking places and colorful bazaars in the lovely well set country in Africa.


Uganda is one of the most popular gorilla trekking safari destinations in Africa and a place to find variety of attractions. A safari in Uganda will make you discover a lot including primates, wildlife, culture, landscape as you enjoy a wide range of leisure tour adventures. With the 10 National parks in the country and other attractions, you will never feel left out or bored on your safari in Uganda. Though the Pearl of Africa shares mountain gorillas with Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo Uganda is simply the best place to go gorilla trekking in Africa with the fact that half of the living mountain gorillas live in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park. There surely a lot that makes Uganda the best safari destination in Africa. Among them are the good lodges, hospitality of locals, rewarding tour adventures, great weather among others.


The Majority of travelers to Kenya really enjoy beyond their imagination when it comes to wildlife viewing, mountain Climbing, cultural excursions, beach vacations and bird watching safaris.Masai Mara game reserve, Amboseli National Park, Nakuru National Park, Tsavo west and East, Mount Kenya are the renowned tourists attractions of the country. Kenya has kept an impressive reputation for a while now in Africa that whoever thinks about Africa wildlife safaris, thinks about Kenya also known as the magical land of wildlife. Also the location of Kenya gives it merit in case one is interested in exploring multiple destinations in the region.


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