Top 5 Challenging Mountain Hikes in Africa


Various People climb or hike mountains for Fun where one struggles to reach a high point in the mountains area. But due to some difficulties many fear to take on the activity during their tour holidays in Africa though the activity is exciting and adventurous to those who chose to explore the Mountain Region. In Africa mountain climbing adventure is done in Mt Kenya, Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Meru, Mt Rwenzori, Mt Elgon, and volcanoes in Rwanda.

All mountain climbers/hikers should be strong, fit and health with mountain climbing equipments which they bring or hire them from the mountaineering management office of the particular mountain which they intends to climb. The mountain climbing gears include Mountaineering /hiking boots Plastic doubles with inner liner, Ice Axe 60-75cm in size, Helmet Sized to fit over a hat, Gaiters should fit over plastic boots, Warm pants and jacket Windproof & waterproof, Bandanas, Glacier glasses, water bottles,Sleeping bag , Mug, bowl, utensils, Snack/ foods, wipes, knife, large packing bag, toiletries, passport, ticket among others. The pleasure of mountain climbing is not only to reach the peak of the mountain but also for physical and spiritual satisfaction which is only brought by determination and focus. Devoted climbers always choose challenging scenic routes which is just in line with their mountain climbing desires.

1. The Rwenzori Mountain

Find the most stunning Uganda Mountain Rwenzori in western Uganda along the Uganda-Congo border covered with bamboo, moorland & one of the highest snow peaks in Africa. Apart from mount climbing and hikes, the mountain areas protect a wide variety of bird species up to 218 species, Mammals making it a world unique hiking and mountaineering target. The 9-12 days trek is available for mountain climbers and hikers reaching to the 5109m Magherita summit just above the Stanley Plateau, the largest glaciated area on the African continent. Though other hikes, walks, can be done around the park on a Uganda safari and with in the nearby villages of the Bakonzo.

The drive to the beginning point of the mountain climbing is 5-6 hours that’s from Kampala Uganda’s Capital to Kasese. However you can also get a chance of visiting other places for relaxation after the trek like Queen Elizabeth National park since the park is closely located to the mountain. You can choose to either leave out some circuits or take on all of them Speke, Margherita, Baker, Bujuku, and Mubuku since the trek is hard full of Mud, and vegetation.

If you fit enough don’t miss out the Night Camp fires, sleeping in the open sky in the wild of the pearl of Africa.

2. Kilimanjaro Mountain

Funny but true for some of us who can’t speak Swhahili. Imagine a great thinker who joined two Swahili words to get a name of the highest mountain in Africa “Kilima and Njaro .The UNESCO world heritage site rich in ecological life zones Savannah,Tropical,Subalpine,Alpine and Desert and Montane protects three distive volcanic cones of Kibo,Shira, Mawenzi.

Climbing the mountain with the most standing summit of 15,100 requires no mountaineering experience though the treks are challenging. Lots of trekking trips are available for climbers though the most impressive route is Umbwe to the icy Glaciers.

3. Mount Kenya

The Mountain full of Rare adventure in Kenya second highest in Africa after Kilimanjaro & sited in the south. Its vegetation and grass cover the basal plateau and trees in the other. Lots of animals can be sported elephants, Bufaloes leopards etc without forgetting the rich culture of the Embu, Meru and kikuyu people who also own farm land lands on the lower mountain slopes.As you climb the mountain, your adventure will be awesome since the great lovely views will entertain your eyes throught the trek. Meet the twin peaks of Batian and Nelion which lies the at trekkers peak of Lenana (4,985m) and a degree of fitness is required for one to be in position to trek the mountain though the effort is worthy it.

The best time to climb mountain Kenya is year round though its freezing level go high during Kenya rainy seasons of mid March to mid June and the short rains from September to October due to its location on the equator at an altitude of 4000m. Since the short mountain Kenya trek start from 5 days, you can journey by road from Mount Kenya to Masai Mara via the Rift Valley Lakes & the extension needs 6 days.

4. Mount Menu

The famed topographic showpiece of Arusha National Park mount Meru is sited 70km away from mountain Kilimanjaro in west Tanzania & visible on a clear day from Mt Kilimanjaro. Thousands visit the mountain for peak training , Mountaineering, game viewing,& birding in the ascent area savannah. Over 400 bird species can be indentified, primates,and wildlife which is a main reason for many travel in Tanzania. Climbing Mountain Meru is an exciting activity which one shouldn’t miss on their visit to Tanzania. East Africa offers some outstanding climbing in a variety of superb settings in Hills, mountains so it’s your turn to challenge your Fitness.


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